Monday, May 7, 2007

Long journey back home

Although, I totally enjoyed my trip from Kelowna to Banff but it was long journey back home from lovely small town of Banff to beautiful Kelowna. It took us almost bout 7 hrs to reach home.

The only thing that kept me going through this long drive was spectacular beauty of British Columbia and nice music in my ears( thanks to my Ipod).

Enjoy few of my pictures.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Let's travel

Since last few months, I have been travelling a lot. I had never before realised in my life much fun travelling can be. Although I have always enjoyed travelling but it seems as if offlate I have found my true passion( in travelling). I think Sagittarians ( I am one of them) by nature are fun loving and adventurous therefore more passionate about visiting new places.

Last month, I had a chance to visit Fernie and Kimberley with my co-workers and this week I am going to explore Banff and Canmore. I visited Chicago two weeks ago and past weekend was spent in Revelstoke and Calgary. I was born in India and now live in Canada. I have travelled almost through out India and now am exploring Canada. Occassionally when U.S.A beckons me, I visit it too. My last summer was spent in Las Vegas, Anaheim and Los Angeles and Winter in Mumbai, Pune, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Amritsar, Ludhiana and Chandigarh. I love to absorb everything that a new place has to offer whether it be new sights, smells, culture, scenic beauty or food.

My Trips to new places give me an opportunity to thank God for choosing me to explore his wonderfulworld.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Walking on the snow

Yesterday when it was snowing like crazy, I decided to go and mail those letters which had been lying on my desk since three days. It wasn't advisable but then who needed advice. I put on as many clothes I could and started out. Moment I was out of the door I discovered that I had forgotten my letters inside. I ran back. Took out my key. Believe me, on a cold winter day, it's a struggle to even take out a key from your pocket and unlock the door. I went inside my home and picked up the letters. Finally, when i mailed the letters I was relieved. A task was completed. My mind was at a peace for a while. I started my journey back home. There were huge piles of ice everywhere. It was a struggle to walk. I soon discovered that it was easy to walk on that path where someone had already walked. It was easy to find footprints on fresh snow. However, it was challenging to walk on that path where no one had walked before(12 inches of snow) that cold winter morning and create my own footprints. All of a sudden I realised...what an irony. That is the very truth of life. We want to take easy path because it makes us feel secure and we know we will reach our destination if we keep moving on that path. Secure because we know someone has walked on that road before and there is less risk of our falling on that path. It is always difficult to make your own road when circumstances are bad and road untread upon seems unfriendly......

Friday, January 19, 2007

10 things to do on a snowy day

Today it was snowing a lot and I couldn't even think of stepping out. ofcourse,I had to , to shovel the snow. So,after I shovelled the snow I began thinking what can be done on such a snowy day and started making list of all those things which I thought I could do...May be you can get some ideas from my list as well...
1. Take out your favourite VCD which you haven't seen in last five years and watch it. It could really bring back all those memories of gone years.
2. Try out a new recipe unless you are on a diet and all you can think about eating is raw vegetables.
3. Pick up that book which you brought last summer and always wanted to read but never had enough time to do so.
4. Paint a card for a friend or may be draw something. It might seem cheesy but your friend will be definitely moved that in age of e-cards someone took out time to make a greeting for him.
5. Try a new hairstyle. When in hurry we always stick to our usual hairstyle. trying something different might reveal a style that suits you more and makes you look cute.
6. Put on your favourite cd, listen to the music and if you get all energised shake a leg.
7. Apply that homemade hair pack and face mask about which you heard frm your grandma.
8. Don't feel like doing anything go to bed and sleep.
9. Write a letter to the editor of your favourite magazine. You never know you might win 'Letter of the month' award.
And if nothing works...why not sit in front of the computer and start blogging....